How to Ship Your Ecommerce Products

What is the Most Efficient Way to Ship E-comm Products?

So, you’ve created an online store and are starting to get orders in. That’s great! The only problem is now you have to figure out a way to get your products from the manufacturer into your warehouse, and then out to your customers all while maintaining your bottom line and minimizing error risk.

This is the realization that many young entrepreneurs come across as they enter the world of e-commerce for the first time. Fortunately, in this post we will break down exactly what your options are, and hopefully help you make less costly mistakes down the line.

Shipping Options – What are they?

When it comes to shipping products from a manufacturer to the U.S, you really have two options. You could hire a freight forwarding company to do it for you, or you could ship it directly to the warehouse. Each option has pros and cons but (spoilers) we are going to recommend using a company as a middleman, especially if you are inexperienced. For the sake of argument however, we will discuss both options below.

Shipping to yourself/using a middleman

There is actually another option in the freight forwarding company category, which is shipping to yourself. Essentially the main benefit to using a forwarder is that you can ensure the packages are labeled and quality checked by professionals. They also eliminate the need to mess around with customs, various shipping fees, and other miscellaneous costs. Paying them in one lump sum makes things easier from a logistics standpoint, and allows your packages to all arrive at one time, and in pristine condition.

In some cases, people may choose to have products sent from the supplier directly to them for quality checks. The main flaw with this method is that you will need to inspect every item yourself, which can be a huge time-suck (especially if you are ordering in bulk). The obvious benefit to shipping to yourself is that you will save whatever you would have paid the freight forwarder, but this cost is negligible compared to how time consuming it would be to check your items yourself.

Shipping Directly to Warehouses

Shipping products directly to the warehouse from the supplier is the second option some e-commerce business owners choose to take. This will mean your items get to the customer faster (they bypass having to be checked by the forwarding company), but this also means they do not have that extra quality check. The big downside to this method is that your products are more likely to be mislabeled or packaged wrong. If you are dealing with Amazon FBA, this is a big problem and can result in your items being returned (meaning you pay the shipping both ways).

While some people choose this method to save some money, most people recommend using a middleman when you ship.

Finding a Reliable Forwarding Company

There are freight forwarding/shipping companies located across the United States and the world. However one we have used and highly recommend areĀ Los Angeles customs brokers. They have locations across the country and provide shipping solutions to everyone from Hollywood film production companies to e-commerce business owners.

New Marketing Company in Buffalo

A New Search Engine Optimization Company Has Opened In Buffalo, New York


Search engine optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) has been taking the marketing world by storm and gaining constant momentum over the past couple of years. In essence, the practice of SEO involves moving a website further up in the search engine results (so it appears first when someone types in a specific “keyword” into Google, Yahoo, or Bing). Now, we could spend days talking about the ways SEO is done, but to keep it short, the intrinsic value of the service is that you can use it to place your business in front of potential customers who are already looking for your services. This is what makes SEO increasingly valuable to business owners, who are seeing the cost vs. reward when compared to traditional advertising (like billboards) strongly favors SEO. This is the principle that the company we will mention below is based upon, and is something that is strongly ingrained in their philosophy.

Apache SEO (get their social media here: YouTube) is a new agency in Buffalo, New York. Their founder started as a freelancer providing white label SEO to other agencies before realizing he could just do the work for his own clients and starting his own company. Since then, Apache SEO has had success ranking clients for both local and national terms and in a variety of markets. Their clientele includes companies operating in the landscaping industry, home automation, plumbing, and photography, as well as many more. This diverse portfolio allows the company to not only bolster their knowledge across multiple landscapes, but also reach out and help local Buffalo businesses climb a ladder that is already made difficult for them by Google. As the top expert in Buffalo, they strive to service local clients first before reaching out to larger national corporations. This is in an effort to help stimulate the economy and give small businesses a chance to get the clients they deserve from the search engines instead of leaving it to bigger companies like Yelp and BBB to control.

To the left we have included a small map that you can click on to find Apache SEO if you happen to be in the Buffalo area and need an SEO company.


Why pick a small company?

As is expected with any new booming industry, everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie. This means that less than favorable individuals are able to market themselves as “experts” when they really just outsource their work to some other country. Hiring a service that does this can not only not get you results in terms of ranking, but also cripple your website to the point where it will be unable to rank ever in the search engines (referred to as getting a penalty). This is why it is incredibly important to get a company who knows what they are doing, can actually show you results, and field your questions without looking up the answers. In many instances, large corporations cannot provide this for their clients, because at one point they just become that – a client. Small agencies like Apache SEO tend to view their clients as individual business owners with individual needs. This means they give your business the attention it needs and, in many cases, can actually beat out larger agencies working on their own.

This is something that many business owners have a difficult time understanding. In SEO, there is no Masters Degree you can earn, there is no certification (other than your rankings) that can qualify you, and there is not even a course in college that can teach SEO effectively due to the speed at which the internet is evolving. For this reason, it can be difficult to weed out who is qualified and who is not, making this a business of high risk – high reward, and thus not one for just anyone.