Tips for Moms with Newborns

Tips for Moms with Newborns

Becoming a mom is a joyful thing, and a tough job. Are you a mom with a new born? Then the following tips will help you to become a happy mom:

Do Not Hush a Bye-Baby

There is no point staying calm if the baby is sleeping. Science made us to understand that the womb is very loud, and most of the newborns are used to it. So, when the baby is born, you should be watching television or chatting with friends when he is sleeping until he gets used to it.

Pat His Back When He Cries

If your baby is wailing, try to pat his back or in the heartbeat like rhythm, and this helps the baby to be relaxed- keep doing this until he gets used to it. Another thing is by letting him suck or winging him, shushing, swaddling, or all of the above.

Get Prepared

After first or second week of delivery, you can now predict the baby’s eating habit. The best way to stay safe is by preparing for the next meal, and getting everything you may need in this regard.

If the baby is taking nap, then use that opportunity to catch some sleeps too, work out, and check your email or shower- this is necessary, because if the baby wakes up, he may no longer allow you to do so with ease. He will be requiring more attention from you. Also make sure you have stocked up on all the essentials including car seats (you can find the best car seats for infants over at moving babies), bottles, toys etc.

Make Sure the Baby Is Awake During While Feeding

When you are feeding the baby, do everything possible to ensure that he is awake- you can massage his back or cheek, this will stimulate him to eat faster. a gentle touch on the his back or a pat or caress may do the magic. If the baby is awake, he will feed better and faster.

Allow the Baby to Bond with Daddy

Let your baby have enough time with the father- the dad has a different voice and touch, and this is absolutely different from yours. If the baby bonds well with the dad, it will give you break- you can always tell the dad to carry the baby while you cook or do something else.

Building a bonding process with the dad few days or even weeks after birth is very important- with this, your baby will know that he can feel relax and safe with someone other than you. Encourage the dad to bathe him occasionally or feed him or play with him.