What are the Big Names in the Espresso Game?

Espresso has been the drink of choice for many in Europe for years. However the popularity of espresso has been spreading across the United States, and coffee houses and homeowners alike have adopted the trend of brewing and buying espresso in recent years. Because of the increase in consumer interests, big brands in the espresso industry such as Breville and Gaggia have seen a surge in popularity and demand. Gaggia got its start in Italy, and was the creator of the first modern steamless coffee machine. It has been a household name in the industry since its inception, and a staple of quality and craftsmanship. In the 1930s, a company called Breville came up with the first sandwich toaster in Australia. The product was a huge success and propelled Breville to be considered a household name in the appliance industry.


Are Breville Worth It?

Breville make a variety of semi automatic and super automatic espresso machines, ranging from mid-range to high end in both price and quality. Many of their staple pieces are made with commercial grade components and all of their espresso machines put out extremely high quality espresso. In terms of semi automatic espresso machines, the Breville BES870XL is one of the most widely recognized, and highest quality in terms of output and features. Unlike many other models in its class, it comes with a built in grinder, which makes grind quality a breeze to hit consistently. It’s magnetic tamp is also an excellent feature that lets the user know exactly when they have achieved the perfect amount of espresso each time, and ultimately contributes to its fantastic quality output. So the question then becomes, are Breville (or other high end espresso machines) worth it?

How to Find a Quality Espresso Machine

While Breville are a fantastic brand, the fact remains that many machines in that tier of quality will be a rather hefty investment for the average buyer, especially for a beginner who is not familiar with the intricacies of espresso brewing. To maximize the bang for your buck and get the best quality possible within your price range, it is important to research the various types of espresso machine options available. Resources like the Your Best Espresso Reviews website are great ways to break down the classes of machine to narrow down your options based on price, quality, and brand. Ultimately, machines like the BES870XL and similar models by other brands are a great investment, but should only be purchased after a great deal of research or if the user is comfortable with their skill level.