Submitted Feb 2, 2010

Western New York is typically a very old area, with buildings dating back to the industrial era where steel and factories roared, and life was a much more grand affair. Unfortunately, the factories are all but closed, and many areas have fallen into a state of disrepair. Buffalo in particular is looking much more run down than it did in its hay day, and the effects of the deterioration are clear. Over the last five years, Buffalo has been plagued with nuisance wildlife, particularly rats, which have infested both the suburbs and inner city areas.

The Areas Effected

Areas effected by the rat problem include Tonawanda, all the way out to the South Towns. Police across the city have been flooded with phone calls of residents complaining of rats living in their apartments and lurking in their homes. The problem is so bad in fact, that some residents have reported having to kill rats every night, and others have literally left their homes they have gotten so overrun. The town and city municipalities have acted and are deploying government pest control services, but it has not been enough. If you find your home is infested with rodents, it will be much faster to call a wildlife removal company that is privately owned. Many companies in the local area have begun operating 24/7 to answer the flood of calls hitting them, and many have switched their focus primarily to rat control. If your problem is not so bad that you feel you need to leave your home, you can try some DIY rat control methods as well.

Other Nuisance Wildlife

Rats are not the only thing people have been having problems with recently. Other forms of nuisance wildlife have been seen increasingly close to homeowners properties. This unprecedented number of sightings has been attributed by some to be an effect of the deterioration of the city as a whole. While this may or may not be the case, the fact remains that many homeowners are frustrated at the cities inability to respond to the problem effectively. Normal pest control methods do not appear to be working, and many companies are not equipped to deal with the variety of pests that are running rampant throughout the city. For homeowners that find themselves encountering pests other than rats, it is important to find a company that deals with things like birds, bats and more.

Solution to Rodent Problem

For homeowners that feel they cannot stay in their homes, the city of Rochester has offered up temporary housing for anyone displaced until the city of Buffalo can get things under control. Obviously this is incredibly inconvenient for current homeowners, so a better option would be to either call the local exterminator, or a private company to try to get rid of the problem for you. If you feel you can handle it on your own, there are a number of DIY resources that will be listed below.

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