How Weather Can Impact Your Roof

How Climate Affects Roofing

There are many things that can affect the roof of your house, and climate is one of them. Here, we are talking about the altitude and all the climatic conditions that occur from time to time. There are special considerations that must be given all these, especially when you are living in mountainous or elevated areas. The extreme temperatures of the day and night, the ice melt, the snow load and others affect your roof. However, an explanation of the major climatic conditions that impact on your roof is given below.


In areas that experience high winds (like Kansas), roofs are often blown clean off of houses. When winds of up to 100+ miles per hour or 60 -100 miles per hour are experienced in a locality, it could damage the roofs no matter how new they are. When such wind is experienced, the best thing to do is to conduct an inspection on your roof. Bring in a professional to do this (like a Kansas City roof repair specialist in this example), and let them check for loose and missing tiles, shingles, ridge caps, vents, granules in your gutters and other things.


Both low and high altitude affects roofs. Cases of solar radiation based on the density, oxygen and air pressure can damage your roof. The temperature and the water vapor from the atmosphere can also cause harm. They cause wear and tear, and within a short time, your roof starts damaging. Carry out the necessary maintenance to reduce the effects of these.


The fact is that it is just a matter of time before the heat of the sun starts wearing out your roof. If you live in an area where the sun is always high and intense, then this will happen faster. If this happens in an area of high altitude, the effect will be higher.

Ice Dam

Your roof could be damaged by those icicles you see on the eaves of the roof. When they build up in the valley, they may cause significant harm through leaks. If the roof is not well ventilated and the attics are not properly insulated, this will occur more often, and that is to the detriment of your roof.

Check these, and your roof will last longer for you. On more advice is that when you are living in areas of long winter and summer, you must be careful when buying roofs. You must go for those roofs made with those materials that have the capability to expand and also contrast in line with the normal thermal movement. With this, the effects of these environmental changes on them will be very minimal because they are adaptive to them.

Most Beneficial Ingredients for Face Masks

Best Ingredients for Face Masks

Whether you are creating you own home brewed face mask or are trying to find the perfect one to buy, you’ve got to find the right ingredients for the job. Just like when you are trying to purchase health supplements that will directly work with your diet and workout routine, choosing your face mask ingredients should be an informed decision. You need to consider your goals. Are you trying to combat dry skin? Are you looking to eliminate acne? Are you trying to reverse the signs of aging?

Our guide will look at several of the best ingredients for face masks based on the effects you are trying to achieve.


Charcoal, long known for its detoxifying health benefits, has been used in poison control and teeth whitening in the past. As part of a face mask, activated charcoal will bond with impurities, grease, and dirt in your pores, which will then be removed when the mask is taken off. You can check out some great charcoal masks (like the beautycounter charcoal mask review) online.

Glycolic Acid

Not to get all chemistry-y on you or anything, but using a bit of glycolic acid in your mask is a surefire way to use science to brighten up your face. Glycolic acid will encourage cell regeneration while also improving your color. If you can find it, galactoarabinan has the same effects plus acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for extra health benefits.

Avocado Oil or Yogurt

More than just a tasty treat, these common health foods are also healthy for your face. By both nourishing your skin cells and moisturizing dehydrated areas, avocado oil and yogurt will bring a refreshing after effect to any masking session. Shea butter works for the same effects as well.

Volcanic Rock + Enzyme

Clogged pores are a leading cause of poor skin health (forgive the pun). If you are looking to create or purchase a mask that will decongest your overly crowded pores, use volcanic rock combined with exfoliating enzymes to really freshen your skin.

Sulur or Kaolin

If you suffer from inflammatory conditions such as rosacea or acne, mixing in sulur or kaolin (or finding store bought masks that contain them) will help to soothe your facial pain. These ingredients are well known for their ability to fight inflammation and are a necessary part of any mask aimed to reduce pain.


If you suffer from excessive oil on the skin of your face, a clay-based facial mask will do the trick. In addition to natural oil reduction, clay will exfoliate your pores and throw in a therapeutic calming effect as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to make your own mask or buy own from your local beauty store – finding the best ingredients for face masks is vital to achieving the health benefits that you really need.


What do Tree Companies do and do You Need One?

What Does a Tree Care Company Do?

Did you buy a new home recently and discover that the trees take up a lot more of the yard than you thought? Maybe you’re a landlord looking to outsource yard work and other maintenance to free up time to grow your empire. Or maybe you’ve got a commercial property that you need to keep both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

In any of these situations, you may have considered hiring a tree service company. So now you might be wondering what does a tree care company do? Let’s look at a few of the most common services that your tree service specialist can provide to both residential and commercial customers.

Aesthetic Pruning

Professional tree service companies like WNY Tree Services are often employed by commercial properties on a regular basis in order to keep the business looking beautiful. Whether it’s an office building with a small courtyard, a strip mall with roadside landscaping, or a sprawling hospital campus, tree care specialists will come out monthly, quarterly, or annually to prune back overgrowth, cut down saplings, and otherwise make sure that visitors’ first impression is a positive one.

Keeping You Safe

Over the years, excess weight can build up, especially on large trees like sycamores, as branches split and grow into additional branches. As trees age, some branches may begin to rot from the inside. When the excessive weight combines with weakened areas of the tree, disaster may strike. A strong wind could send heavy dead wood crashing down upon your home, car, or loved one. Commercially, this could even prove to be a costly liability. By scheduling regular service from a tree care company, you can ensure that excess weight and dead or dying wood are removed—thus preventing dangerous accidents before they occur.

Stump and Tree Removal

In addition to regular arboreal maintenance, a professional tree company can take care of one time jobs involving removing unwanted or unsafe trees, as well as grinding down stumps for removal. This can be an excellent option for homeowners looking to cut down on autumn raking. As long as the tree isn’t providing a significant amount of shade to your home, removing it could be quite the benefit.

Now you know a bit more about exactly what a tree care company does. Although this isn’t an exhaustive list of their services, these are the ones that most everyone can benefit from. If you’ve got tree work that needs to be done, call a professional to get it done sooner rather than later.

How to Ship Your Ecommerce Products

What is the Most Efficient Way to Ship E-comm Products?

So, you’ve created an online store and are starting to get orders in. That’s great! The only problem is now you have to figure out a way to get your products from the manufacturer into your warehouse, and then out to your customers all while maintaining your bottom line and minimizing error risk.

This is the realization that many young entrepreneurs come across as they enter the world of e-commerce for the first time. Fortunately, in this post we will break down exactly what your options are, and hopefully help you make less costly mistakes down the line.

Shipping Options – What are they?

When it comes to shipping products from a manufacturer to the U.S, you really have two options. You could hire a freight forwarding company to do it for you, or you could ship it directly to the warehouse. Each option has pros and cons but (spoilers) we are going to recommend using a company as a middleman, especially if you are inexperienced. For the sake of argument however, we will discuss both options below.

Shipping to yourself/using a middleman

There is actually another option in the freight forwarding company category, which is shipping to yourself. Essentially the main benefit to using a forwarder is that you can ensure the packages are labeled and quality checked by professionals. They also eliminate the need to mess around with customs, various shipping fees, and other miscellaneous costs. Paying them in one lump sum makes things easier from a logistics standpoint, and allows your packages to all arrive at one time, and in pristine condition.

In some cases, people may choose to have products sent from the supplier directly to them for quality checks. The main flaw with this method is that you will need to inspect every item yourself, which can be a huge time-suck (especially if you are ordering in bulk). The obvious benefit to shipping to yourself is that you will save whatever you would have paid the freight forwarder, but this cost is negligible compared to how time consuming it would be to check your items yourself.

Shipping Directly to Warehouses

Shipping products directly to the warehouse from the supplier is the second option some e-commerce business owners choose to take. This will mean your items get to the customer faster (they bypass having to be checked by the forwarding company), but this also means they do not have that extra quality check. The big downside to this method is that your products are more likely to be mislabeled or packaged wrong. If you are dealing with Amazon FBA, this is a big problem and can result in your items being returned (meaning you pay the shipping both ways).

While some people choose this method to save some money, most people recommend using a middleman when you ship.

Finding a Reliable Forwarding Company

There are freight forwarding/shipping companies located across the United States and the world. However one we have used and highly recommend are Los Angeles customs brokers. They have locations across the country and provide shipping solutions to everyone from Hollywood film production companies to e-commerce business owners.


Tips for Up and Coming Authors

3 Tips for Up and Coming Authors

If you have ever wanted to write and publish a book, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, there are a few things you should be acutely aware of first. In this post, we will discuss 3 great tips that all aspiring authors should take to heart when they are mapping out their first publication.

1. Identify Your Target Audience – and Speak to Them

Whether your book is a work of fiction or a book about advice, this tip is crucial. According to a post by The Creative Pen, you should first identify what types and/or groups of people your book will speak to. Think of the plot of your book, the underlying themes, the setting, and the characters themselves. For example, the classic Ian Fleming James Bond novels were about a British spy, who was what many young men may consider to be “the ideal man”. Because of this, the Bond books appealed greatly to younger men, but also to those who enjoyed spy novels and thrillers. Of course the books became so popular that they turned into an incredibly successful film adaptation series, which largely spoke to the same audience. Similarly, if your book is a non-fiction work about grief advise, you will want to speak directly to those who are in grief due to events you cover within the pages of your book. Bestselling author David Kessler does this perfectly in his book, “You Can Heal Your Heart: Finding Peace After Breakup, Divorce or Death”. Kessler is also due to make an appearance in WNY if you are interested in learning more about him and his work, you can find information on the event here.

2. Get a Great Book Cover Designed

Books are like any other commodity at the end of the day, and if you do not stand out from the thousands of other books on the shelf, yours will not sell. While there are many routes you can take to find a good cover (ranging in price and quality), we always recommend finding premier book cover designer to do the work for you. The thought behind this is simple: Even if you have the best writing since Shakespeare, your book will not get read unless it sells. To sell, it has to stand out.

3. Proof Read!

This may seem obvious, but many new authors are so excited just to get their work out that they forget to proof read. This holds especially true for self-publishing authors, who do not have access to professional proofreaders from publishers. Before you proofread your novel, step away from it for a day or two then come back with a fresh take. If you have been pouring over the pages for hours, then try to proofread, your brain will automatically correct the mistakes without you noticing, which will let errors slip through.

With these three tips, you will be ahead of many of the other budding authors in the industry, and should find better success getting your book in front of readers. Now get out there and write write write!