How Are Breville Espresso Machines

What are the Big Names in the Espresso Game?

Espresso has been the drink of choice for many in Europe for years. However the popularity of espresso has been spreading across the United States, and coffee houses and homeowners alike have adopted the trend of brewing and buying espresso in recent years. Because of the increase in consumer interests, big brands in the espresso industry such as Breville and Gaggia have seen a surge in popularity and demand. Gaggia got its start in Italy, and was the creator of the first modern steamless coffee machine. It has been a household name in the industry since its inception, and a staple of quality and craftsmanship. In the 1930s, a company called Breville came up with the first sandwich toaster in Australia. The product was a huge success and propelled Breville to be considered a household name in the appliance industry.


Are Breville Worth It?

Breville make a variety of semi automatic and super automatic espresso machines, ranging from mid-range to high end in both price and quality. Many of their staple pieces are made with commercial grade components and all of their espresso machines put out extremely high quality espresso. In terms of semi automatic espresso machines, the Breville BES870XL is one of the most widely recognized, and highest quality in terms of output and features. Unlike many other models in its class, it comes with a built in grinder, which makes grind quality a breeze to hit consistently. It’s magnetic tamp is also an excellent feature that lets the user know exactly when they have achieved the perfect amount of espresso each time, and ultimately contributes to its fantastic quality output. So the question then becomes, are Breville (or other high end espresso machines) worth it?

How to Find a Quality Espresso Machine

While Breville are a fantastic brand, the fact remains that many machines in that tier of quality will be a rather hefty investment for the average buyer, especially for a beginner who is not familiar with the intricacies of espresso brewing. To maximize the bang for your buck and get the best quality possible within your price range, it is important to research the various types of espresso machine options available. Resources like the Your Best Espresso Reviews website are great ways to break down the classes of machine to narrow down your options based on price, quality, and brand. Ultimately, machines like the BES870XL and similar models by other brands are a great investment, but should only be purchased after a great deal of research or if the user is comfortable with their skill level.


Locksmiths in Buffalo Up in Arms

Why are Locksmiths Unhappy?

Recently across the country, news outlets have been reporting on the worrying trend of consumers being scammed by locksmiths. These scammers allegedly make fake listings online and prey on people who are locked out of their homes or cars and are desperate, sometimes scaling up prices by over 300% from what was quoted over the phone, or what is typical for a locksmith to charge. So how is this happening? Essentially illegitimate locksmiths create websites and listings, tricking search engines into thinking they are locally located. Once a customer calls to request service, they are redirected to a call center that may not even be near the area they are in. The call center will take the customers information, quote them a price, and send them a contractor. These contractors are very often unlicensed, possibly inexperienced, and almost always demand payment at a much higher rate than what was quoted on the phone.

How does this effect local locksmiths?

Not only does this practice give real locksmith business owners a bad name, but it takes business away from them by pushing their websites lower in the search results. Unsurprisingly, real locksmiths are starting to catch a lot of heat from angry customers who have had a bad experience with fake locksmiths. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly difficult for local companies to market themselves, since they are not showing up in search engines and customers who see their ads automatically assume they are scamming.

How are they getting around the issue?

There are a number of websites that locksmiths can turn to to get themselves in front of the right traffic and ahead of their competition. Directories are a great place to start, and some will only list one locksmith per location (an example of this is Findlocksmiths – Buffalo, NY) which is great because it reduces the competition. Another option is running Google Adwords campaigns. These will put businesses above all the competition including the local map listings and while they will usually cost quite a bit per click, can yield good results if done correctly.

How does a consumer know if they have a good locksmith?

There are a few tips when it comes to picking a good locksmith. The first is to make sure you read online reviews. While you may be unable to do so if you are locked out of your car, if you need rekeying done or anything that you can call about from a computer about, it is best practice to check reviews on sites such as Yelp, BBB, and Facebook. If you are in a pinch, you can ask whoever picks up the phone where the business is located and if they are local. If the locksmith arrives and is in an unmarked car, or does not have a name badge, it is a huge red flag. You should request they leave and refuse any service. Another great way to check the authenticity of your locksmith is to ask for their certification. New York State requires locksmiths to get certified by the state before they are allowed to legally practice. Only a real business will have this, and it is a great way to weed out the good from the bad.

New Marketing Company in Buffalo

A New Search Engine Optimization Company Has Opened In Buffalo, New York


Search engine optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) has been taking the marketing world by storm and gaining constant momentum over the past couple of years. In essence, the practice of SEO involves moving a website further up in the search engine results (so it appears first when someone types in a specific “keyword” into Google, Yahoo, or Bing). Now, we could spend days talking about the ways SEO is done, but to keep it short, the intrinsic value of the service is that you can use it to place your business in front of potential customers who are already looking for your services. This is what makes SEO increasingly valuable to business owners, who are seeing the cost vs. reward when compared to traditional advertising (like billboards) strongly favors SEO. This is the principle that the company we will mention below is based upon, and is something that is strongly ingrained in their philosophy.

Apache SEO (get their social media here: YouTube) is a new agency in Buffalo, New York. Their founder started as a freelancer providing white label SEO to other agencies before realizing he could just do the work for his own clients and starting his own company. Since then, Apache SEO has had success ranking clients for both local and national terms and in a variety of markets. Their clientele includes companies operating in the landscaping industry, home automation, plumbing, and photography, as well as many more. This diverse portfolio allows the company to not only bolster their knowledge across multiple landscapes, but also reach out and help local Buffalo businesses climb a ladder that is already made difficult for them by Google. As the top expert in Buffalo, they strive to service local clients first before reaching out to larger national corporations. This is in an effort to help stimulate the economy and give small businesses a chance to get the clients they deserve from the search engines instead of leaving it to bigger companies like Yelp and BBB to control.

To the left we have included a small map that you can click on to find Apache SEO if you happen to be in the Buffalo area and need an SEO company.


Why pick a small company?

As is expected with any new booming industry, everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie. This means that less than favorable individuals are able to market themselves as “experts” when they really just outsource their work to some other country. Hiring a service that does this can not only not get you results in terms of ranking, but also cripple your website to the point where it will be unable to rank ever in the search engines (referred to as getting a penalty). This is why it is incredibly important to get a company who knows what they are doing, can actually show you results, and field your questions without looking up the answers. In many instances, large corporations cannot provide this for their clients, because at one point they just become that – a client. Small agencies like Apache SEO tend to view their clients as individual business owners with individual needs. This means they give your business the attention it needs and, in many cases, can actually beat out larger agencies working on their own.

This is something that many business owners have a difficult time understanding. In SEO, there is no Masters Degree you can earn, there is no certification (other than your rankings) that can qualify you, and there is not even a course in college that can teach SEO effectively due to the speed at which the internet is evolving. For this reason, it can be difficult to weed out who is qualified and who is not, making this a business of high risk – high reward, and thus not one for just anyone.



What is This Thing Called Crossfit?

What do an army veteran, a hairstylist, a stay-at-home mom, a former college football star, and a teacher all have in common? Good question.

Apparently it is their workout and, to be more specific, it is called “CrossFit”. I am definitely behind the times on this one, but it has been around for awhile and gained a reputation for being particularly difficult and rewarding. In fact, it’s gaining momentum and

Crossfit rope training

is growing more and more competitive each and everyday. It has bridged the gap between skill, age, and personality type and is beneficial and practiced by people from every walk of life. Gone are the days when the gym is full of guys with no neck grunting and keeping to themselves. Now, a more inclusive environment has been created, and everyone who has the will to succeed is a member. Essentially CrossFits sole purpose is to combine different

levels of strength training with highly intense workouts — all while promoting a very fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.

Below I have Included a Video Describing CrossFit in a way that will be less confusing than if I do it.

Many gym instructors, like this coach at Nova Fitness in Rochester New York, assume Crossfit has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years because once a person starts training, he or she strikes a burning impulse to push till the end. “Once you start training, the whole work out becomes a crazy obsession — it literally becomes addictive,” he says. “You simply develop a strong urge to finish what you started — that’s the real magic of Crossfit.” Also a great number of people believe what makes Crossfit quite appealing is because of the way it meets many people’s needs and interests, who try really hard to get or stay in shape – particularly those recovering from injury.

Although in spite of its increasing popularity, not everyone agrees that Crossfit is a healthy exercise option for the masses. Some fitness veterans assume that the Crossfit program can succumb to serious injury because it encourages high-volume and high-intensity workouts. Also according to an article published on, not all Crossfit certified coaches were competent enough to be training athletes from different fields. And that weight lifting technique should be allotted for speed and body volume, and some CrossFit workouts push people beyond their physical limits and end up causing bodily injury.

Thus it’s very important for people to seek trainers and coaches who are highly knowledgeable in different exercises and who are willing and able to set programs that would be useful to other people’s needs. As such, a typical CrossFit class should have some warm-up exercises, weightlifting exercises, some conditioning and tips for the workout of the day. All participants should train between three and six times a week at least. For this particular reason, I go to Nova (as mentioned above) which is my local CrossFit gym (when I am visiting family I go there, when I am home in NYC I go somewhere else). I am talking about this one in particular because the atmosphere is different than my home town gym. There is one-on-one coaching here, and you don’t feel like you don’t belong or are somehow behind the curve. That is a lot to say about a gym these days, as most places can be very intimidated for a first timer walking in.